GetPlus Program Interest-Based Marketing and Advertising Policy 

Transparency, trust and the responsible use of data are important to the Our Program. This Interest-Based Marketing and Advertising Policy provides You with information about how We customize Our digital properties and facilitate Your online and digital experience of the Program on Our digital properties and through other digital channels. 

Our digital properties include, and microsites created by or on behalf of the Program (“Sites”) and the GetPlus App (the “App”). We seek to improve Your digital experience of the Program by advertising relevant offers, benefits, products and services to You on Our Sites, the App, social media platforms, advertising platforms, Partners’ websites, and through emails sent by Us and Our Partners or Brands to You. 

This Interest-Based Marketing and Advertising Policy is governed by the Program’s Privacy Policy.  All capitalized terms used in this Interest-Based Marketing and Advertising Policy shall have the same meaning given to them in the Privacy Policy unless otherwise stipulated. 


We use cookies and similar technologies to collect information for interest-based marketing and advertising. 

When You browse Our Sites, use Our App, engage with the content of Our emails, or Our social media pages, We collect information about Your device automatically through cookies or similar technologies. These similar technologies include log files, web beacons, tags, and pixels. These similar technologies perform many of the same functions as cookies, but they store information in a different way. 


Most websites use cookies to work properly. Cookies collect certain basic information from a user’s device. A cookie is a small file placed on Your device that allows Us to recognize and remember You. It is able to do this because it contains a unique string of characters that distinguishes You from another visitor, who would have a cookie containing its own unique string of characters. It is sent to Your browser and stored on Your computer’s hard drive or tablet or mobile device. Depending on the function of the cookie, it may only be stored for as long as Your browsing session is open, or it could remain on Your hard drive for a longer period of time unless You change or delete Your cookie preferences on Your browser. 

The Sites use different types of cookies, including: 

  1. Session cookies.  
    Session cookies reside in Your device’s temporary memory. They only hold information that is uniquely generated when You access Our Sites, and persist only as long as Your browser is open. This type of cookie makes Your information available as You browse the website. For example, to view Your account balance or to order a dream reward, You must enable session cookies setting on Your browser for Our Sites. These cookies are deleted as soon as You leave Our site or close Your browser. Without these cookies, Our Sites will not work properly. 
  2. Preference or persistent cookies.  
    Preference or persistent cookies allow Us to remember Your preferences and selections, and to enhance Your experience each time You visit the Sites and the App. For example, if You choose to read the Sites in English on Your first visit, the next time You come back, the Sites will automatically appear in English. Not having to select a language preference every time makes browsing the Sites more convenient and efficient. 
  3. Advertising cookies.  
    These cookies are used to learn about how You interact with Our Sites and emails, and what interests You generally might have. This enables Us to direct ads to Your device for offers, benefits, and rewards that may be of interest to You. 
  4. Performance or analytics cookies.   
    These cookies tell Us how Our websites are working. For example, performance cookies show Us which pages are most frequently visited on Our Sites, allow Us to see overall patterns of usage on Our Sites, help Us record any difficulties You have with the Sites, and show Us whether Our advertising is effective or not. In many cases, We use Google Analytics to perform this function. Our ability to use and share information collected by Google Analytics about Your visits to Our Sites is governed by the Google Analytics Terms of Use and the Google Privacy Policy . 


Cookies and similar technologies help Us remember You, Your Site log-ins, the Partners or Brands that have offers and benefits available to You in Your province of residence, and more. They also help Us better understand Your preferences based on the Site pages or rewards that You view, what websites or search terms referred You to the Sites, and information about how You interact with the Sites and the App. This enhances and personalizes Your experience while You navigate the Sites and the App or interact with Our emails, and enables Us to make the Program more useful and relevant to You.   

We use cookies and similar technologies in a range of ways to improve Your experience on Our Sites. Some examples include: 

  1. Keeping You signed in to Your account; 
  2. Remembering Your preferences, such as a language or region, so there is no need for You to customize the website on each visit; 
  3. Enabling You to get Points through the App; and 
  4. Understanding how You use Our Site and interact with Our content so that We can develop enhancements. 


Most of the information We collect from cookies and similar technologies is not readily personally identifiable on its own. When You are logged into Your account, We are able to match Your browsing data with Personal Information that has been collected by Us through other online activity and Your interaction with the Program. This information is used for Program-related purposes that are outlined in the Privacy Policy.   


Information collected from cookies and similar technologies is used for the purposes of implementing the Program. This means that information collected from cookies and similar technologies may be shared with Our Partners or Our Brands or transferred to Suppliers for processing to enabling Your engagement with the Program. Examples of how Your personal information is used include the following: 

  1. We, or Our Partners or Our Brands, may direct advertisements to Your device using an advertising or social media platform like Google or Facebook. A data management platform may be used to determine whether a specific advertisement is directed to Your device. Prior to uploading any data into these platforms, Personal Information is masked through a process called hashing.  For clarity, We may provide a hashed version of Your email address or other information to the platform provider for such purposes.  This safeguard is applied to enhance privacy and data security. 
  2. We use select advertising cookies and similar technologies to collect information about browsing behaviour. These help to personalize advertising content and measure website and App performance. They also enhance digital experiences for Users on Our Sites and App, and on other sites across the Internet. 
  3. Our Sites may include social media features, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube buttons and widgets, among others. These features may set a cookie to enable the feature to function properly. Social media features and widgets are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on Our Sites. Your interactions with these features are governed by the privacy policies of the applicable companies. We encourage You to carefully read the privacy policy of any company that provides the features You choose to interact with. 



Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but You can change Your browser settings to erase cookies or prevent automatic acceptance. Generally, Your browser will allow You to see which cookies You currently have on Your browser and will allow You to delete specific cookies, a selection of cookies, or all of them. Your browser will also usually allow You to block third party cookies, block cookies from particular sites, and to accept/reject all cookies. Visit the ‘options’ or ‘preferences’ menu on Your browser to change settings, and check the links below for more browser-specific information. 

You have several options for managing Your cookie settings: 

  • If You would like to disable third-party advertising cookies, You can do so by visiting the third party’s website and following their instructions to opt-out of their targeted advertising. For more details, see OPT-OUT section, below. 
  • You can block all cookies, or a selection of them, using Your browser’s controls or a cookie blocking extension. Please note that this will limit Your experience on Our Sites. Depending on which cookies You disable, different functionalities may be limited. 
  • You can delete Your cookies using Your browser’s controls after browsing the website.

Click on the following links to learn how to delete or block cookies in Your browser: 


To manage Your advertising preferences and options on Your mobile device: 


For advertising: Go to Settings > Privacy > Apple Advertising. Turn on or off Personalized Ads. 

For tracking: Go to Settings > Privacy > Tracking. Turn on or off tracking. 

For geolocation: Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > GetPlus. Select Your chosen option. 


For advertising: Go to Your Google Account. On the left navigation panel, click Data & personalization > Ad personalization > Go to ad settings > Turn on/off Ad Personalization. 

Under "How Your Ads Are Personalized," select Your personal info or interests. To update Your info, select Update. Follow the steps on the screen. To turn off an interest, select turn off. To bring back an interest, select what you've turned off. Choose an interest and select turn back on. 

For geolocation: Find the App icon. Touch and hold the App icon. Tap App info. Tap permissions > Location. Select Your chosen option. 


You can opt out of interest-based advertising directly with Suppliers whose technology We use on Our Sites and App. 

  • Please visit the following Google site to opt-out of Google Analytics. 

It may take some time for the change in Your preferences to be reflected in the ads You see. If You delete or block cookies, or opt-out of interest-based advertising, this change may not be captured for a digital advertising campaign that is in progress, but it will be captured for advertising campaigns that have not yet launched. 


If You delete all cookies from Your browser, any preferences currently set on Your browser will be lost and You may not be provided with ads containing offers and benefits or information regarding Our promotions that would otherwise be made available to You. Depending on how You manage Your cookie settings, some functionality of Our Sites may be lost and You may have to log-in to Your account every time You want to access it. 

If You opt-out of interest based advertising, You may not be provided with ads containing offers and benefits or information regarding Our promotions that would otherwise be made available to You. 


We may make changes to this policy from time to time. Changes are effective when they are posted online. If significant changes are made, We will notify You through a notice on Our website, an email, an App banner, or a combination of these methods, as applicable. If You disagree with any changes at any point, You may consider changing Your cookie and online advertising preferences, or discontinue use of the Sites and the App. 


If You have any questions about Our interest-based marketing and advertising policy, You can reach Us by email ( or by telephone (021-3115-1988) or chat online via WhatsApp (0817-0140-550).