The GetPlus Loyalty Program (“Program”) is a loyalty reward program owned and operated by PT Global Poin Indonesia. When users of the Program (“You/Your” or “User”) transact with Partners, Brands and Suppliers and participate in the Program, User can receive GetPlus points (“Points”), offers, and other benefits.  

This Privacy Policy explains how PT Global Poin Indonesia, our subsidiaries, affiliates, and jointly controlled entities ("We/Us/Our “or “GetPlus") collect, use, process, disclose, transfer and protect Your Personal Information.  

We are committed to ensuring that Your privacy is protected. If We ask You to provide certain information that can be identified when participating in the Program, then that information will be used in accordance with this Privacy Policy. 

By participating in the Program and accessing Getplus’s website and app, You are deemed to have read, understood, and given consent for the collection, processing, disclosure, and use of information as well as Your personal data. 


For the purposes of this Privacy Policy: 

  1. Personal Information” shall means any information about You, from which You are identifiable whether directly or indirectly, and from one information or in combination with other information about You— such as Your name, e-mail address, date of birth, gender, address, city, province, and postal code. 
  2. Partners” and “Brands” are parties that give User Points or benefits, or both. Examples may include retail stores that issue Points, a service provider that offers an exclusive offer, or a consumer-packaged goods manufacturer that provides coupons or samples. 
  3. Suppliers” is a party that helps make the Program work, such as reward fulfilment (by companies as rewards Partners), marketing, promotions, data processing, analytics, data storage, and/or research. 


The Program’s Data Governance is led by the Chief Data Officer, who is responsible for the establishment of the Program’s privacy management program, including policies and practices for collecting, using, disclosing, and protecting Personal Information, and responding to requests for Personal Information. 

The Program’s Data Governance is responsible for the implementation and management of policies, practices, and procedures for collecting, using, and disclosing Personal Information, including data usage and controls.  

The Program’s Information Security Team is responsible for the implementation and management of technological, physical and organizational safeguards that protect Personal Information. 


We collect Your Personal Information so that You can participate in the Program and benefit from all that the Program, Our Partners, Our Brands and Our Suppliers have to offer. 

The purposes for which We collect Personal Information include: 

i. Administering and operating the Program. For example: 

  1. Processing Your enrolment in the Program; 
  2. Managing and updating User account to accurately reflect Program activities in Your GetPlus account, including the Points User has collected and the rewards and benefits User has received; 
  3. Marketing, managing, processing and fulfilling User reward redemptions and benefits; 
  4. Allowing You to link Your GetPlus account with Your accounts at Our Partners and Brands; and 
  5. Detecting and suppressing fraud within and related to the Program.

ii. Enabling Users to participate in marketing and promotional opportunities. For example: 

  1. Online and offline marketing, advertising, and Partners / Brands / Program promotional activities; 
  2. Match data with Our Partners and Our Brands to aid coordination of marketing of the Program across GetPlus and Partner / Brand channels; 
  3. Contests; 
  4. Events; and 
  5. Exclusive products / services offer. 

iii. Communicating administrative information to Users. For example: 

  1. Confirming reward orders; 
  2. Sending administrative notifications; and 
  3. Responding to inquiries made via telephone, chat, email, SMS/text or direct mail. 

iv. Delivering marketing and promotional content about products, services, rewards, and offers to Users on behalf of GetPlus, Our Partners, Our Brands and Our Suppliers through: 

  1. Email; 
  2. SMS or text messages; 
  3. Promotional updates during an inbound call to the customer care centre; 
  4. Banner or interstitial notifications on the GetPlus’s websites or app; and 
  5. Social media and advertising platform advertisements, for example, advertisements on Facebook or Google. 

v. Analysing, developing insights and create data models from (i) a User’s participation in the Program, (ii) transactions with Partners, Brands and Suppliers, and/or (iii) a User’s digital interaction with Our Program, Our Partners, Our Brands and Our Suppliers . For example: 

  1. Build a profile about You and Your profiled characteristics, based on the personal data We have about You from Your use of Your GetPlus account, Our websites and app, as well as personal data We receive from Our Partners, Our Brands and third parties. 
  2. Conducting market research to understand the needs, preferences, interests of Users and the development of tailored offers, products, services, programs, and events to meet those needs, interests and preferences. 
  3. Measuring the effectiveness of marketing and promotional content presented to Users.  
  4. Improving offline and digital experiences based on how Users interact with the Program, including through online and app activity. For more information, please see Our Interest-Based Marketing and Advertising Policy. Specific terms apply when You use the Program’s websites, including and the GetPlus app. 
  5. We combine the personal data that We have and analyse it to look for patterns, trends and characteristics that align with a particular outcome – for example, items that are often purchased together, or popular times to redeem points. We use this analysis to create a framework that maps out these patterns, trends and characteristics on an anonymous basis, We call these frameworks “data models” and the process of making them “data modelling”. 

    Data modelling helps Us to analyse the way that groups of people are shopping. For instance, We might look at transaction information at Partner and see that buyers of ground coffee are starting to buy coffee beans or pods instead - which could be useful information for GetPlus Partners who sell coffee machines. We can then apply data models to a personalised data set, to help Us tailor the offers that We show GetPlus Users. For example, sending coffee machine offers to buyers of instant coffee. 


We share Your Personal Information with Our Partners and Our Brands for purposes that are described in section 3 above. For example, if You have opted-in to receive marketing emails from Our Program and Our Partners or Our Brands, You may receive an email from a Partner or Brand with an offer or benefit. The Partner or  Brand requires Your email address to send the marketing email to You. We also use Suppliers to perform certain functions to operate the Program, so Your Personal Information may be transferred to a Supplier, for instance for purposes of processing. There may also be legal reasons that Personal Information is disclosed to law enforcement or other organizations. 


We may share Your personal data with Our Partners, for purposes such as: 

  1. To operate the Program; 
  2. To analyse Your use of the Program; 
  3. To market to You based on Your GetPlus Profile; 
  4. Competitions; 
  5. To conduct surveys and market research; 
  6. Security and fraud; and 
  7. To create data models. 

 The types of personal data that We share with GetPlus’s Partners include: 

  1. Account information; 
  2. Transaction information; 
  3. Program analytics; 
  4. Surveys and market research; 
  5. Contact centre information; 
  6. Competitions data; and 
  7. Device information, cookies & similar technologies. 

We may share Your personal data with Brands for the following purposes: 

  1. To analyse Your use of the Program; 
  2. To market to You based on Your GetPlus profile; 
  3. Competitions; and 
  4. To conduct surveys and market research. 

The types of personal data that We share with Brands include: 

  1. Account information; 
  2. Device information, cookies & similar technologies; 
  3. Program analytics; 
  4. Transaction information; 
  5. Surveys and market research; and 
  6. Competitions data. 


We obtain Your consent to use Your Personal Information for participation in the Program and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. Further, You acknowledge that the Personal Information that You have provided or will provide is true and accurate. 

In some cases, Your consent is given expressly, like when You select a check box or give an affirmative response if You are speaking with a customer care specialist. In other cases, Your consent is implied, like when You download GetPlus app and register as User upon checking out at a Partner’s retail location. 

What happens if You want to withdraw Your consent? 

  1. Withdrawing Your consent for the Program to use or disclose any of Your Personal Information for marketing and promotional communications entirely or through a specific channel, like email, does not affect Your ability to get Points or benefits, or redeem Points for rewards or other benefits. It may impact the kind of marketing communications that You receive, the channels that the Program uses to communicate with You, and offers that may be made available to You. 
  2. Withdrawing Your consent from the Program to use or disclose any of Your Personal Information for any purpose whatsoever means that You will not be able to participate in the Program, including getting Points and redeeming Points for rewards and benefits. If You choose to withdraw Your consent for GetPlus to use any of Your Personal Information for any purpose whatsoever, You can: 
    • use Your Points for rewards or benefits before withdrawing Your consent; 
    • donate Your Points to one of the charitable organizations that the Program supports; or 
    • transfer Your Points to another User in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the Program. 

To withdraw Your consent for GetPlus to use of Your Personal Information for any purpose, You can email or call Our customer care centre ( or 021-3115-1988) or chat online via WhatsApp (0817-0140-550) with a customer care specialist. During such time, You may also request deletion of Your Personal Information. If You withdraw Your consent, there may be a short time between the withdrawal of Your consent and when the change takes effect as a result of internal operational processes. 


 The type of Your Personal Information that is collected is limited to what is necessary to fulfil the purposes of the Program that are identified in this Privacy Policy. Examples of instances where We collect Personal Information from You and the kind of information We collect include: 

  1. When You enrol in the Program 
    • We collect information that You provide when completing the enrolment form, such as first name, last name, date of birth, gender, email address, facial, address, city, province and postal code. 
  2. When You make a purchase from, receive a benefit from, or use the services of a Partner and use Your User’s membership number 
    • We may collect information about the transaction, including the transaction date and time, the products and/or services purchased, and number of Points earned. 
  3. When You use Points 
    • We collect information about the reward that You have selected. In some cases, We collect address and contact information required for fulfilment, and any other information required to fulfil the redemption. 
  4. When You interact with the Program, Our Partners, Our Brands or Our Suppliers in person, online, in app, or through other electronic or digital Program features: 
    • We collect information when You interact with Our websites, the GetPlus app, emails from Us and Our Partners or Our Brands, Our social media accounts and online ads, and through the use of tracking technology. Tracking technology includes cookies, beacons, pixels and the use of customer data platforms (CDPs). The information collected from these sources allows Us to better understand how You interact with the Program online and on the GetPlus app. Examples of information collected includes the date and time of Your visits, the devices You use while browsing, content You have viewed, and, if applicable, transactions You complete. 
    • If You use the GetPlus app and Your geolocation settings are on, We collect geolocation data from Your device. You can change the geolocation settings on Your device, however, certain personalized features of the GetPlus app may no longer work. 
    • Specific terms apply when You use the Program’s website including and microsites created by or for the Program, and the GetPlus app. 
    • For more information, please see our Interest-Based Marketing and Advertising Policy. 
  5. When You provide Your Personal Information to Our Partners, Our Brands or Our Suppliers in connection with the Program 
  6. When You call Our customer care centre or chat online via WhatsApp with a customer care specialist 
    • When You contact Us with a comment, question or concern through telephone or chat, You may be asked for information that identifies You, such as Your name, Users membership number, and date of birth, along with any additional information that We need to help Us promptly answer Your question, respond to Your comment, or resolve Your concern. 
  7. When You complete an optional survey sponsored by Us, Our Partners, Our Brands or Our Suppliers 
  8. When You participate in marketing and promotional activities, opportunities and events. 
    • An example of participating in a promotional opportunity includes entering a contest that is sponsored by Us by completing and submitting the information required in the contest entry form. 


We use Your Personal Information for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy. This includes the use of Your Personal Information in combination with other information collected from Our Partners, Our Brands and Our Suppliers. For example, by understanding which goods and services You purchase from Our Partners or Our Brands, We are better able to personalize offers for goods and services that may be of interest to You. 

We do not use or disclose Your Personal Information for purposes other than those for which it is collected without Your consent, except as set out below or as required or permitted by law. 

We retain Your Personal Information only for as long as it is needed to fulfil the Program’s purposes or as otherwise required to meet legal or business requirements. 

We do not disclose, rent or sell Users Personal Information to any organization or individual except to Our Partners, Our Brands and Our Suppliers in order to fulfil the Program’s specified purposes, or as otherwise set out in this Privacy Policy. We are not responsible for the management of Personal Information by Our Partners, Our Brands and Our Suppliers, therefore Users should check periodically the privacy policies of Our Partners, Our Brands or Our Suppliers or consult with them on how they collect, use, and disclose Personal Information and transactional information. Information on a User’s specific transaction including User’s Personal Information from one Partner is not disclosed to another Partner.   

We may transfer any Personal Information We have about You as an asset in connection with a proposed or completed merger, acquisition or sale (including transfers made as part of insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings) involving all or part of GetPlus or as part of a corporate reorganization or other change in corporate control. 

We and Our Suppliers are primarily based in Indonesia.  From time to time, there may be a limited or exceptional circumstance where Your Personal Information could be processed or stored elsewhere. For example, a Supplier may have a support function that is operated in another country, or a Supplier may move its support function to another country. Safeguards and technical measures are applied in these circumstances. 


We keep Your Personal Information as accurate, complete and up-to-date as necessary for the purposes for which it is used. You as the User are responsible for informing GetPlus about changes to Your Personal Information, as appropriate. Partners and Brands are responsible for informing GetPlus about changes to the use of the Personal Information. 

Your transaction history for the last twelve (12) months is available in Your User’s online account profile. It shows all Points and benefits collected and used during this period.  If You are concerned that Points or benefits may not have been posted in Your online account accurately, please contact Our customer care centre ( or 021-3115-1988).  

If You wish to make changes to Your personal data, such as Your name, telephone number, date of birth, and city of domicile, You can make the changes by (i) opening the "My GetPlus" menu in the GetPlus application, (ii) opening the account settings, (iii) clicking the edit profile and (iv) clicking the change/edit information button to make changes. Specifically for a change in Your e-mail address, You should contact Our customer service at and such change will be made within 3x24 hours from the request being submitted. 

You can challenge the accuracy and completeness of Your Personal Information and We will amend it, as appropriate. This may involve the correction, deletion, or addition of information. If it is not resolved to your satisfaction, We will ensure that a notation within Your User’s profile reflects the unresolved challenge. 


 We have implemented reasonable administrative, technical, and physical measures in an effort to safeguard Users Personal Information in its custody and control against theft, loss, unauthorized access, use, modification, and disclosure. We restrict access to Personal Information on a need-to-know basis to employees and authorized Suppliers who require access to fulfil their job requirements related to the Program. Employees are trained to understand and apply Our policies and procedures to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of Your Personal Information.   

When We use a Supplier to process Your Personal Information on Our behalf, We require that the Supplier implement and maintain safeguards to protect Your Personal Information through contractual requirements. Please note that We are not responsible for the management of Personal Information by Our Partners, Our Brands and Our Suppliers, therefore Users should check periodically the privacy policies of Our Partners, Our Brands or Our Suppliers or consult with them on how they collect, use, and disclose Personal Information and transactional information.  


You are aware that when using GetPlus’s website or app, it may contain links to other websites. You should note that We do not have any control over such other websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policy or practices of such other websites and advise You to read the privacy policy of each website You visit which collects any of Your Personal Information. 


Our privacy policies relating to the management of Personal Information are available to Users through Our website (, on the GetPlus app, and through Our customer care centre. For specific inquiries on the Program’s privacy practices, please contact the Privacy Office

We may make changes to Our Privacy Policy from time to time. Changes to policies are effective when they are posted online. If significant changes are made, We will notify Users through a notice on Our website, an email, a GetPlus app banner, or a combination of these methods. If You disagree with any changes at any point, You should stop participating in the Program. 


Users can request a copy of their Personal Information held by Us in making a written request to Our customer care centre ( or chat online via WhatsApp (0817-0140-550) with a customer care specialist. 

We will always require You to verify Your identity before We respond to a request for Personal Information. 

We process most requests for Personal Information within thirty (30) business days. In cases where supplementary inquiries must be made by the Privacy Office to other organizations; records require conversion to a specifically requested format; or the request unreasonably interferes with the activities of the Program, fulfilment may take longer than thirty (30) business days. We will notify You if Your request will take longer than thirty (30) business days to process.  

Obtaining Your Personal Information from the Program is usually free. However, a fee for reasonable costs incurred by Us may be charged if You make a complex request that requires additional resources to process. We will always inform You about any associated fee in advance of processing Your request in order to obtain Your express consent to proceed. 


Inquiries about the Privacy Policy and the Program should be directed to the Chief Privacy Officer, by sending an email to the Privacy Office. The Privacy Office will investigate and respond to inquiries about the Privacy Policy and practices relating to Your Personal Information in a timely manner. 

Please note, the Privacy Office does not process account management inquiries, including requests related to redemptions, travel bookings, or account balances. For reward redemption assistance or account management inquiries, please consult Our customer care specialist which is available 24/7 by email ( or by telephone (021-3115-1988) or online chat via WhatsApp (0817-0140-550).