Terms and Conditions


These Terms & Conditions ("Terms") constitute a legally binding agreement for PT Global Poin Indonesia ("We/Us/Our" or "Getplus") and Users of the GetPlus application ("You/Your" or "User"). These terms contain the terms and conditions for using the GetPlus application managed by Us and/or Our affiliated company. By registering and/or using the GetPlus application, the User is considered having read, understood and agreed to be bound by the terms set out below and other terms and conditions related to the use of the GetPlus application, whether expressly written in these Terms, or made outside of these Terms which form an integral and inseparable part of these Terms. If the User does not accept or agree to any, a part or all of these Terms, it is expected that You do not register and/or use any part of the GetPlus application. You understand that to use the GetPlus application, You must be at least 18 (eighteen) years old.

    1. These terms shall be effective as of 1st February 2019. The program details and information regarding GetPlus are also available at www.mygetplus.id (“Website”).
    2. The GetPlus loyalty program (“Program”) is managed by Us.
    3. If You register in the Program as a loyalty reward member ("Points"), We will enable You to collect Points through brand retailers and service providers authorized to issue Points from time to time ("Brand") and to use the Points that You have collected to redeem for travel, merchandise, award certificates and other rewards ("Rewards") given by providers, manufacturers, retailers and service providers ("Partners") that We provide from time to time.
    4. Registration, membership, and all benefits related to the Program offered shall be at Our sole discretion. By registering in the Program or Point collection, You agree that You have read and understood the Terms and shall be bound by all these Terms, as amended from time to time, and agree to the collection and use of Your personal data in accordance with Our Privacy Policy.
    1. GetPlus membership shall only be valid for individuals, not for any company, organization or other entity.
    2. To register for the Program, You must (i) register or list Yourself for obtaining the GetPlus account (“Account”), (ii) inform Us a valid e-mail address and telephone number verified via OTP (one time password), and (iii) at least 18 (eighteen) years old.
    3. If We accept Your application for registration, We will register You in the Program as a GetPlus loyalty member ("Member") and provide a unique Member ID ("Member ID").
    4. You want to cancel or withdraw the Account registered process as a GetPlus loyalty Member, You can submit a request for Account closure directly after successful registration in accordance with the conditions set out in section 5 of these Terms (Request for Account Closure).
    5. If You wish to make changes to Your personal data, such as Your name, telephone number, date of birth, and city of domicile, You can make the changes by (i) opening the "My GetPlus" menu in the GetPlus application, (ii) opening the account settings, (iii) clicking the edit profile and (iv) clicking the change/edit information button to make changes. Specifically for e-mail addresses, You can contact Our customer service at cs@getplus.id and changes will be made within 3x24 hours from the request being submitted.
    6. If You forget Your Member ID and access code, You will lose all Your Points

    There are 3 (three) Account membership levels – Silver, Gold and Platinum, and each level gives different benefits with details as follows :

    Annual Transaction (IDR)Up to IDR30 millionBetween IDR30 million and IDR80 millionOver IDR80 million
    Level Up Bonus-50,000 Points100,000 Points
    1. All new Members will start at Silver level.
    2. Each level is valid for 12 (twelve) months.
    3. Members will advance to a higher level if they achieve the minimum annual transaction threshold at any time during the first 12 (twelve) months. After a Member ascends to a higher membership level, the membership period will start 12 (twelve) months from the first day of the new membership level.
    4. Members will be demoted to a lower level if they are unable to maintain the annual minimum transaction value.
    5. As long as a Member has at least 1 (one) transaction within a period of 12 (twelve) months, then the lowest level earned by such Member is Silver. The Member's account will be terminated if the Member has no transactions within 12 (twelve) consecutive months. Members who have been terminated from GetPlus membership due to no transactions within 12 (twelve) consecutive months may register a new GetPlus account and restart from Silver level.
    6. The level up bonus points will be issued by GetPlus only 1 (one) time to a Member every time a Member succeeds in upgrading from Silver to Gold and Gold to Platinum. Bonus points will not be issued if the Member moves to a lower level.
    7. If a Member moves to a lower type of account and makes other transactions so that he succeeds in upgrading to a higher level of membership Account, then will be entitled to obtain a level up bonus again according to the applicable terms.
    1. A password is required to access the GetPlus application and a PIN or biometric authentication is required to use Your Points.
    2. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of Your password, PIN or biometric authentication, and for all activities that occur using Your password, PIN or biometric authentication, and notify Us on any illegitimate use of the password, PIN or biometric authentication.
    3. We are not responsible in any form whatsoever for losses arising from Your failure to comply with the conditions set out in this section 4.
    1. You can submit a request for Account closure through the GetPlus application by following the applicable conditions that may change at any time as specified in the GetPlus application.
    2. Before closing Your Account, please note several matters that You need to know if You close Your GetPlus Account:
      1. All Points and Rewards in Your Account will be void. We recommend that You use all of Your Points and Rewards completely before closing Your Account.
      2. A closed email address cannot be used or re-registered at GetPlus within 24 (twenty four) months from the Account closing, but after that period You can re-register the same email address.
      3. GetPlus has the right to keep the data related to Your transactions for 24 (twenty four) months from the Account closing and after that period, We will anonymize the data as explained in Our Privacy Policy.
      4. The request for an Account closing will be processed by Our team by no later than 24 (twenty four) hours since the request and You will no longer be able to log into the Account that has been closed.
    1. EARNED
      1. GENERAL
        1. Points are earned for every purchase made by a GetPlus Member with Our Brand retailers.
        2. You are able to earn points by uploading transcation receipt through GetPlus application and through Our affiliate Brand retailers
        3. You can earn Points from every transaction made and the number of Points follows the terms and conditions of each Brand.
        4. Points will be earned after the verification process with an estimated time according to the information listed in the GetPlus application for each feature.
        5. We will add Points to Your Account if the Brand has instructed Us to do so.
        6. We are not responsible if the Brand is late or does not notify Us or there are other delays in recording Points in Your Member Account.
        7. We may also cancel the Points that have been recorded in Your Member Account if the Brand does not pay the amount owed to Us or instructs Us to cancel the Points.
        8. If You believe that the number of Points in Your account is incorrect, You must inform Us within 60 (sixty) days from the date of transaction accompanied by valid proofs.
        1. GetPlus Members can transfer and convert their valid Points from their Account in another loyalty program into their GetPlus Account into GetPlus Points.
        2. Members can convert Points through the GetPlus application or the conversion partner application that works together.
        3. Points conversion request that have been submitted cannot be cancelled, changed or withdrawn.
        4. The conversion points denomination of the GetPlus conversion partner to GetPlus Points is subject to these Terms which may change from time to time, as notified via the GetPlus application and/or the associated GetPlus conversion partner.
        5. The time for adding the partner points that are converted into the GetPlus Member Account may change depending on the policy of the GetPlus conversion partner. GetPlus shall not be responsible for delays in the Points crediting process managed by GetPlus conversion partners for any reasons whatsoever.
        6. GetPlus shall not be responsible for fraudulent, incomplete or failed conversion actions. In case of a failed conversion (from GetPlus conversion partner points to GetPlus Points), GetPlus may refund or deduct the GetPlus Points from the associated GetPlus Member Account.
        7. GetPlus will not be responsible for failed conversions (whether in whole or in part) resulting from the actions of GetPlus conversion partners (including changes made by GetPlus conversion partners to the terms & conditions of their reward and/or loyalty program) or from personal data that is not accurately provided by the GetPlus Member in their GetPlus Member Account.
        8. GetPlus Members are responsible for providing valid membership Account number to GetPlus conversion partners who use their own names.
        9. GetPlus Points that have been converted into GetPlus partner points are no longer the obligation of GetPlus and will not be stipulated based on these Terms. The participation of GetPlus conversion partners in the GetPlus reward program may change without any notice.
      3. BUY POINTS
        1. You can buy Points according to the nominal value that We provide in the GetPlus application based on the procedures that We have specified.
        2. Points that You have successfully bought cannot be canceled or refunded.
      1. Rewards for Point redemption are available in the GetPlus application. Specific Reward details, how to claim as well as the terms and conditions for each Reward required by Partners are mentioned in the GetPlus application.
      2. You must identify Yourself as a Member by providing Your Member ID or registered email when making transactions with the Brand.
      3. We may refuse to record or receive Points in Your Member Account, or if they are already recorded, We may cancel them, if We cannot ensure that the Points have been issued or earned properly.
      4. After redemption of Rewards, the Points will be deducted from Your Account.

      If the Points are not used, the Points will expire within 18 (eighteen) months from the date the Points were earned.

    1. Neither We, Our affiliates nor any of Our officers or directors shall have any responsibility or liability for any expenses, losses, costs, injuries, damages, delays, trip cancellations, accidents, or materials or other matters whatsoever, which are suffered or caused (including compensation), which directly or indirectly arise from or are related to:
      1. the Program or Your participation in the Program;
      2. failure, delay or decision by Us in administering the Program or changing these Terms or the basis on which You can use Points;
      3. invalid usage of Your members or PIN;
      4. offers, descriptions, statements or claims on Programs, Brands or Partners or their products or services, made by a Brand, Partner or any other persons; or
      5. purchase, redemption or use of goods or services from Brands or Partners, whether provided by Us, any of the affiliates, Brands, Our Partners or others. This applies even if We or Our representatives are notified of the possibility of such expenses. Brands and Partners shall not be responsible for the Program.
    2. If there are obligations that We may have towards You or third parties who obtain any benefit from the Points that You use, under any circumstances, such as failure, breach of contract or otherwise, these obligations shall be limited by crediting Your Account with the number of Points that You have use related to such situation, or, if no Points are used, the liability will be limited to maximum one-tenth of IDR1 for each Reward Point recorded in Your Account when the liability arises.
    3. The use of Our application is subject to the conditions of use shown on the matter from time to time.
    1. You understand that all intellectual property rights including but not limited to copyrights, patents, domain names, trademarks, service marks, logos, symbols or other designs ("Intellectual Property Rights") contained in the GetPlus Website or application are Our property.
    2. Furthermore, all Intellectual Property Rights related to Brands or Partners contained on the GetPlus Website or application shall remain the property of each Brand or Partner.
    3. All Intellectual Property Rights contained in the GetPlus Website and application shall be protected by the applicable laws in Indonesia which include but are not limited to Law Number 28 of 2014 on Copyright, its amendments and Law Number 20 of 2016 on Trademarks including its amendments.
    4. You are prohibited from using, publishing, modifying, copying, reproducing, duplicating or changing all Intellectual Property Rights contained in the GetPlus Website or application. If You violate this provision, We reserve the right to file legal actions against You, both civil and criminal.
    5. There are no conditions in these Terms that may be interpreted as transfer of Intellectual Property Rights or providing any license or rights, either implied or express, to use, own, distribute, or modify Our Intellectual Property Rights, owned by Brands or owned by Partners
    1. You may not misuse the GetPlus application or this Website by intentionally sending, entering or distributing viruses, trojans, worms or other harmful materials on the GetPlus application or Website. You are not allowed to try to obtain unauthorized access to the GetPlus application or Website, the server where the GetPlus application or the Website is stored, any computer server or database connected to the GetPlus application or the Website.
    2. Any violation of this provision constitutes a criminal offense as stipulated in Law Number 11 of 2008 concerning the Internet and Electronic Transactions (ITE) and its amendments and its derivative regulations. Furthermore, We also have the right to permanently close and deactivate Your account and block Your telephone number and email address.
    3. You are also not allowed to misuse the GetPlus application with the aim of obtaining more benefits that are not in accordance with these Terms such as creating fake accounts, falsifying personal data, and other forms of violations. If this happens, We shall also have the right to permanently close and deactivate Your account and block Your telephone number or email address and take any legal actions that We have in accordance with applicable law.

    You hereby agree to indemnify and release GetPlus and GetPlus employees, affiliates, staff and partners from responsibility for any damages or losses, from and against any and all claims, demands, liabilities, damages or losses, including legal costs, arising as the results of third parties’ claims related to: (i) Your use of Our application; (ii) contents given, provided or accessed through Our application; (iii) Your breach of these Terms; (iv) violation of other obligations; and/or (v) actions intentionally or unintentionally by You, whether due to negligence, unlawful or other

    1. GetPlus has the full authority to (i) stop the GetPlus application, (ii) change the Brands or Partners who work with GetPlus or (iii) close and deactivate Your Account at the absolute discretion of GetPlus at any time without prior notification to You (" Termination of Terms”).
    2. Termination of these Terms shall not eliminate Your obligations to Us (if any).
    3. We and You agree to waive the provisions of Article 1266 of the Indonesian Civil Code as long as the termination of the agreement shall be through a court’s decision.
    4. You understand that We have no obligation whatsoever (including indemnification) to You or any third party for Termination of these Terms.

    The validity, existence, interpretation and implementation of these Terms shall be governed by and interpreted according to the law of the Republic of Indonesia


    In the event of any disputes arising from or related to these Terms, We and You shall agree to resolve the disputes in deliberation for consensus within 30 (thirty) days since notification from either Party to the other Party regarding the disputes existence. If the disputes cannot be resolved within that period, the disputes shall be referred to the Indonesian National Arbitration Board ("BANI") located at Wahana Graha Level 1 and 2, Jalan Mampang Prapatan No.2, Duren Tiga, Pancoran, South Jakarta, Indonesia according to BANI regulations. The arbitration process shall be carried out using 1 (one) arbitrator appointed by the chairman of BANI in accordance with BANI regulations and using the Indonesian language. Furthermore, We and You shall agree that the arbitration decision is final and binding on Us and You, and cannot be appealed to a court in the jurisdiction of the arbitration decision

    1. We may change the Terms, any aspects of the Program, including the terms and procedures for using the Points for Reward, or Reward in any case without prior notification to You even though such changes may affect the value of Points that have been accumulated. You should check Our current Terms and other details and information of Our Program periodically through the GetPlus application, Website or by contacting Our customer support at cs@getplus.id.
    2. The contents of the GetPlus Website or application are provided on the “as is” and “as available” basis. We hereby expressly state that We do not guarantee that the GetPlus application: (i) will always meet Your needs or will always be accessible; (ii) will be uninterrupted, timely, secure and free from any error; (iii) the quality, information or other materials contained in the GetPlus application will always meet Your expectations.
    3. GetPlus shall not be responsible for any dishonest acts, criminal acts, fraud, errors, violations of laws and regulations, or malicious acts committed by irresponsible parties through the GetPlus application (if any).
    4. GetPlus shall not be responsible in the event of loss to You when using the GetPlus application due to reasons of force majeure as stipulated in section 15 of these Terms.
    5. You shall acknowledge, understand and agree that GetPlus is not responsible for the contents and/or links contained in the GetPlus application. You shall be responsible for the risks when accessing and using such third parties’ contents and/or links. You are also advised to read and understand the contents of the terms and conditions that apply to the contents/links belonging to such third parties.
    6. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between You and Us regarding Your participation in the Program, Your rights to collect, use Points or exchange Rewards, and Your rights to other benefits of the Program.
    7. Failure by You or Us to carry out any of the conditions of these Terms at any time may not be interpreted as release of the other party's right to demand the fulfillment of its obligations under these Terms.
    8. You shall not assign or transfer Your rights or obligations based on these Terms, without Our prior written permission.
    9. These Terms constitute the entire agreement and understanding between You and Us, and supersede all previous agreements, whether written or oral, between You and Us.

    We shall not be responsible if the User cannot use Our application, such as transaction failure or limited access to Our application caused by any actions or conditions beyond Your or Our reasonable control, including natural disasters, outbreaks of infectious diseases (pandemic or epidemic), riots, military action, embargo, changes in laws or regulations, lightning, hurricane/ typhoon/ cyclone, labor strike, demonstration, and/or bankruptcy of Our Brands or Vendors or partners.


    We may change, modify, add and delete these Terms at any time without prior notification to You. You must periodically check the Terms on the GetPlus Website or application to ensure Your compliance with the latest version of the Terms. By continuing to use the GetPlus application after any changes to the Terms, You are deemed to agree with and approve the changes.

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